expert Skydiving Instructor
Jana Bauer


Jana Bauer is an expert Skydiving Instructor and owner of Skydive Elements based in Germany. Skydiving has always been a great passion for her, which is well-reflected in her 15+ years’ experience with more than 3500 jumps. She has worked in Germany, Russia, Jordan and New Zealand. A highly dedicated instructor, Jana always looks for bringing out the best in her students and makes every effort right from the scratch to being an expert professional. As one of the less than 100 female Tandem Skydive Instructors worldwide, she also represents the exclusive group of female skydivers, which is a thing to cherish in itself. She is also known for her proven skills in marketing and merchandizing. She worked with many companies and brands taking different executive roles. Her deep knowledge and keen sense in inventing and implementing marketing concepts for stores, events, sports and whole businesses, has made her a valuable asset of our marketing team representing Everest Skydive. Besides her professional engagement, she is a great fan of traveling and exploring the world and different cultures. She speaks German, Russian, English and Spanish.