Though Nepal was shaken by the devastating earthquake this year, the legacy of the event continued in 2015 as well. Crew members and jumpers came together in Syangboche airstrip to give shape to the world’s highest adventure activity. The event took place starting from 6th to 8th  November. The crew was led by Tom Noonan, Including veteran French Aerial Cinematographer Paul Henry DeBaere and last year’s Hero, who did HALO Jump from 30,000 feet during Pokhara Skydive; Mike McCann. Crew members of Everest Skydive since its inception – Dr Ryan Jackson, Derek Thomas and oxygen specialist Ted Atkins yet again performed the most thrilling adventure in world. Venezuelan Skydiver Enersto Gainza was introduced as the new crewmember for the ESD 2015.

The eight edition of skydive took place smoothly despite everything Nepal faced in the year 2015. April 25 was a black day for us, as earthquake of 7.9 magnitude hit mainly in Gorkha and in many major cities and villages of Nepal. Kathmandu was also brutally affected. Many of our world heritage sites were damaged, some major temples and buildings turned into rubbles. Thousands of people were killed, and many severely injured. In the same year, we faced another critical situation in Nepal; the economic blockade between Nepal & India border in October. This also severely depressed our economy.

However, we didn’t give up and carried on with our regular operation of this exclusive event. Skydiving this year has been a celebration for Nepali tourism industry because our crew members and new clients were still willing to come to Nepal, despite many adversities. And luckily, we have had a better year for skydiving in 2015 compared to previous year.

Participants of ESD 2015

  1. Tom Noonan (USA) - Chief Technical Director, Chief Tandem Master
  2. Paul Henry de Baère (France) - Aerial Photographer, Cinematographer
  3. Michael McCann (USA) - Solo Skydiving Crew
  4. Dr. Ryan Jackson (Britain) - Solo Skydiving Crew
  5. Derek Thomas (Britain) – Equipment specialist, Solo Skydiving crew
  6. Ted Atkins (Britain) - Oxygen Supervisor
  7. Ernesto Gainza (Venezuela) – Ground Crew
  8. Samriddhi Rai (Nepal) – Tandem Skydive
  9. Fred Williams – Solo Skydiving & Observer client
  10. Brian Krause – Solo skydiving client
  11. Chane Burke – Solo skydiving client
  12. Cody Carroll – Observer client

Lifts & Dives of ESD 2015

Date    Load No.         Name   Jump type       Dropzone        Altitude           Airlines

6 Nov  3          Tom Noonan, Derek Thomas & Mike McCann         Solo-Test Jumps          Syangboche            23000ft           Fishtail

7 Nov  3          Brian Krause, Eric Chane & Paul Henry        Solo     Syangboche     23000ft           Fishtail

7 Nov  2          Tom Noonan & Fred Williams           Solo     Syangboche     23000ft           Fishtail

7 Nov  3          Ryan Jackson & Samriddhi Rai          Tandem           Syangboche     23000ft           Fishtail

7 Nov  2          Eric Chane & Fred Williams   Solo     Syangboche     23000ft           Fishtail

7 Nov  2          Ryan Jackson & Brian Krause            Solo     Syangboche     23000ft           Fishtail

7 Nov  4          Tom Noonan, Mike McCann, Ryan Jackson & Paul Henry  Solo     Syangboche     23000ft            Fishtail

8 Nov  1          Brian Krause   Solo     Gorakhshep     20,000ft          Fishtail

8 Nov  1          Tom Noonan   Solo     Gorakhshep     20,000ft          Fishtail

8 Nov  2          Ryan Jackson & Eric Chane   Solo     Gorakhshep     20,000ft          Fishtail