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Everest Skydive will bring you to new heights in the Himalaya. Experience all that the Himalaya has to offer, deep in the heart of Sherpa country.


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Skydiving in the extreme mountain environment of Everest Region is a big challenge in itself. From procuring special permits to arranging logistics and ensuring nothing. it needs a lot of hard work, determination.

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Jumping off a AS350 B3 chopper from the height of 23000ft, just below Everest; and landing at the Himalayan dreamlands Syangboche (12340ft) and Amadablam Basecamp (15000ft); is undeniably the most thrilling aerial adventure in the world. The adrenaline rush, the eye-feasting view of the picturesque Sherpa settlement, the back drop of world’s highest peak Mt. Everest, along with other equally petrifying sister peaks, and the whole alpine experience, what else can an adventure seeker dream in a lifetime.

Equipment & Safety

Everest Skydive requires specialized parachute equipment, all of which has been tested and approved for this amazing high altitude adventure. All your equipment will be supplied and be ready for you at the Drop Zone location.

The opening altitudes for your main parachute will be between 16,000ft and 18,000ft AMSL; the main landing area (DZ) is at 12,402ft AMSL. These altitudes demand large main parachutes of 300 – 400 sq ft and a reserve of similar size.

Our Team

Skydiving in the extreme mountain environment of Everest Region is a big challenge in itself. From procuring special permits to arranging logistics and ensuring nothing untoward happens during the event, it needs a lot of hard work, determination, skill and planning to hold an event of this caliber in the Himalayas. With some of the best names in the world of professional skydiving and high altitude adventure, our team has been successful in achieving flawless performance since Day One. Throughout your adventure, you will be accompanied by the best skydivers in the world, mountaineering specialists, high altitude medical doctors and highly skilled mountain pilots. Leave worry behind andenjoy the adventure, you are in the best hands!

Team Leader - Suman Pandey

Team Leader
Suman Pandey

At a time when most Nepalese hardly knew what skydiving is, Mr. Pandey went ahead and introduced this adventure in his mountainous country.

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Everest Skydive Nepal

Omar Alhegelan

A pioneer of “free flying”, Omar Alhegelan is a World Champion Skydiver & multiple BASE &Freefly world record holder, an artist, photographer, actor & stuntman.

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Everest Skydive Nepal

International PR and China Representative
Daniela Yin Yu

Yin Yu, a celebrated AFF coach and judge with more than 1000 jumps in many exotic destinations, is the highest altitude exit record holder and the first AFF-l in the history of Chinese skydiving.
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Everest Skydive Nepal

Media & Communication Director and Videographer
Paul Henry de Baere

Anextreme environment Cinematographer, Professional Skydiver, Professional Skier, HALO jumps Specialist.

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Everest Skydive Nepal

International PR and Australia Representative
Ossie Khan

A Skydive Instructor, Safety Management Speaker and Tourism/Sports Development Consultant, Ossie Khan is the Owner of Melbourne Skydive. .

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Everest Skydive Nepal

Chief Technical Director
Tom Noonan

Tom Noonan is a USPA Tandem Instructor-Examiner, USPA AFF Instructor, USPA Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA) and USPA Instructor.

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Everest Skydive Nepal

International PR and Dubai Representative
Alan Gayton

Alan Gayton, a Stunts and Safety Director, Extreme Sports Stunt Co-ordinator, and Athlete Manager & Consultant, is currently the Director of Operation for Jetman Dubai.
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Everest Skydive Nepal

Chief Advisor & Camera Flyer
Wendy Smith

A Guinness Book record holder and award winning Skydiver, Wendy Smith is an AFF Instructor and Chief Safety Officer NZPIA for parachuting operations.
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Everest Skydive Nepal

International PR and Spain Representative
Marta Espinosa

Owner and Producer at Prime Productions AMG, Marta is in charge of the company’s entire production projects in films and commercials.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solo Skydiving?
Solo skydiving refers to the jumps done by independent skydivers who have experience & training in freefall.Skydivers with a B license do solo jumps. While making a solo jump, the skydivers exit the aircraft from a certain altitude & fly their bodies at approximately 120 MPH.

What is Tandem Skydiving?
Tandem skydiving refers to a type of skydiving where a novice skydiver (“student” or “passenger”) is connected via a harness to an experienced skydiver (“tandem master” or “tandem instructor”). The instructor controls the whole jump from exit through freefall, piloting the canopy and landing.

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