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Everest Skydive 2014- electrifying sky adventure on Everest continues

Everest-Skydive-Wing-suit jumpEverest Skydive, elite adventure on the top of the world and also the highest skydive on Earth continues to extend its glorious history. Since 2008 Everest Skydive has grabbed attention of many adventure seekers in Khumbu and provoked them to jump form the staggering height. Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure, a sister organization of Everest Skydive has yet again played vital role in perfect execution of this annual mega event. The seventh edition of Everest Skydive,  was held on 7th and 8th of November 2014. Six skydivers including the crew members landed at Syangboche drop-zone, after the jump of  the lifetime during Everest […]
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Everest Skydive 2013

  Fishtail Air taking the flight loads for Everest Skydive 2013 The grandness of Everest Skydive, the most elite adventure on the top of the world is heightening every year. Everest Skydive 2013 was successfully accomplished on the last week of October setting several new records. Marc Kopp, a French national set the record, being the first disable person to successfully dive from the altitude of 22000ft during the Everest Skydive 2013. Amadablam Base Camp is no longer the  the world’s highest drop-zone for Skydiving Adventure. On the last day of Everest Skydive, Fred Williams and Ryan Jackson successfully landed […]
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Extreme Adventure: Everest Skydive 2013

Everest Skydive 2013  Everest Skydive 2013 Everest Skydive 2013 kicked off on October 24, 2013 with the four test jumps by the crew members. Prior to the jumps the crew of Everest Skydive 2013 arrived to their base at Syangboche. Four crew members- Dr. Ryan James Jackson, Mr. Derek Thomas, Ms. Wendy Smith and Mr. Omar Alhegelan landed on the Dropzone of Syangboche Airport 12400ft at 3PM after the successful test jumps. Clients reached to Namche on the same day.  Mr. Krishna Aryal, Coordinator for Special Adventure of Explore Himalaya has also joined the group of Skydivers. Mr. Aryal said, “the weather is ideal and the […]
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Everest Skydive 2013: Marc Kopp sets a record

tandem-marc  Marc Kopp in the hospital in Kathmandu after the skydive After the jump from a whopping height of 22,000 ft overlooking Everest by MS sufferer Marc Kopp, we need to re- define the limits of what a person can do. On October 27, 2013 Marc Kopp, successfully completed a tandem dive with his friend, champion skydiver Mario Gervasi setting a record of first disabled to skydive over Everest. As soon as the jump was completed, he was taken to hospital by helicopter for his thorough medical examination and declared as fit by the doctors. The 55-year-old French, living in […]
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Everest Skydive on CNN GO

Everest Skydive has been featured on CNN‘s travel site CNN GO on the top 50 thrills in the world! Ranked eighth in the list of ‘50 experiences to try before you die,’ Everest Skydive joins the rank with extreme adrenaline pumping thrills like flying a fighter jet, cliff walking, power boating, volcano boarding etc. Read about it on ‘50 Experiences to try before You Die’
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