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Everest Skydive 2014- electrifying sky adventure on Everest continues

Everest-Skydive-Wing-suit jumpEverest Skydive, elite adventure on the top of the world and also the highest skydive on Earth continues to extend its glorious history. Since 2008 Everest Skydive has grabbed attention of many adventure seekers in Khumbu and provoked them to jump form the staggering height. Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure, a sister organization of Everest Skydive has yet again played vital role in perfect execution of this annual mega event. The seventh edition of Everest Skydive,  was held on 7th and 8th of November 2014. Six skydivers including the crew members landed at Syangboche drop-zone, after the jump of  the lifetime during Everest […]
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Everest Skydive 2013

  Fishtail Air taking the flight loads for Everest Skydive 2013 The grandness of Everest Skydive, the most elite adventure on the top of the world is heightening every year. Everest Skydive 2013 was successfully accomplished on the last week of October setting several new records. Marc Kopp, a French national set the record, being the first disable person to successfully dive from the altitude of 22000ft during the Everest Skydive 2013. Amadablam Base Camp is no longer the  the world’s highest drop-zone for Skydiving Adventure. On the last day of Everest Skydive, Fred Williams and Ryan Jackson successfully landed […]
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Ted Atkins: Everest Skydive crew member

Ted is an Ex-Chief Engineer with the Royal Air Force. He spent a large part of his career with the RAF Mountain Rescue Service where he was the Staff Officer for Scotland. Ted invented the Topout oxygen system that we use for jumping and has developed the systems we now use. He is a keen mountaineer who has successfully summited 8000ers like Everest, Lhotse, Kangchenjunga and Makalu. Ted made his first jump with the Everest Skydive with Dr.Ryan in 2011 to affirm the systems we now use. His role in the Everest Skydive has been vital since 2011.
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Everest Skydive: Experts in the crew

sewell  Sewell family during a conversation with Explore Himalaya at Hotel Malla- James left to an interviewer Eighteen year old James George Sewell from Great Britain becomes the youngest Everest Skydiver during the Everest Skydive 2013. Peter Leonard Sewell and Alexander Peter Sewell accompanied James to Khumbu Region for this extreme adventure. Peter and Alexander expressed their joy for James successful dive. James had a tandem jump with Dr. Ryan Jackson on October 25. James shares his experience with Explore Himalaya after his first ever Skydive. “Initially, I was nervous throughout the whole trip about the dive itself. But, the whole team […]
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Everest Skydive: An ultimate Adventure

libor  Libor Fryzek, in Hotell Malla after the Everest Skydive Everest Skydive is getting bigger every year. Expert Skydivers in the crew, trekking adventure to the diving site, feast to the eyes during the aerial view of the mountain landscapes, efficient organizer Explore Himalaya and the level of adventure involved in the dive itself in the shadow of Everest makes this event an Ultimate Adventure. Libor Fryzek from Czech Republic said few lines on Everest Skydive after his successful completion of solo dive from the height of 23000ft during the Everest Skydive 2013. “The crew was great and the view […]
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